Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We are Three Years Younger, two sisters (19 and 16 years) from Suffolk. A few years ago, after having written a couple of songs individually, we decided to start writing songs together, and collaboratively created  'Ghost Ship'.  We had performed occasionally at local open mic nights and festivals until Joanna Eden - a friend - gave us our first break by inviting us to sing at one of her gigs in Hadstock; from there we were invited to perform at the Cambridge Folk Club, accompanied by Dave Olney a double-bassist who was extremely supportive in accompanying us at many of our sessions. Also Kevin Sporle has been invaluable in finding us opportunities to perform.

We weren't sure how our style of music would go down at the folk club, but Marion and the folk club team were incredibly welcoming and have provided us with invaluable experiences and opportunities since that first performance, including giving us a slot in the 2018 Folk Festival Club Tent in August.  We would consider ourselves as a mixture of genres (largely pop, rock & folk), but are always looking for experimental ways of creating new sounds that suit our voices (we really love to harmonise!) 

We are currently having some of our songs recorded professionally by a music producer, John Crossley, in Derby who we thoroughly enjoyed working with for three days earlier this year (although he did work us hard!). These productions plus a few more will hopefully form our first album, however the demos will serve as a taster of our music for record labels and potential gigs.

We are beginning to put covers of the songs we love on YouTube along with some of our live performances.  We have many more songs in the pipeline, several of which have got us completely inspired and can't wait to get produced (to find their way on to our first album).  We have just set up our Twitter and Instagram accounts - so please subscribe if you would like to keep in touch!